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Membership Agreement

1. PAYMENT COMMITMENT AGREEMENT: You have agreed to the following payment terms for your selected membership:
a. Monthly Select or Premium Membership: 3-month commitment period with dues paid on the purchase date, auto-renews monthly.
b. Quarterly Select or Premium Membership: 3-month commitment period with dues paid upfront on the purchase date, auto-renews every 3 months.

2. MEMBERSHIP DETAILS: Upon purchase, you will receive the allotted membership benefits outlined in your onboarding material. Membership dues will be automatically withdrawn on the purchase date, payable to Forbidden Well (Forbidden Well, LLC., dba).

3. MEMBER REQUESTS: All official requests regarding a member’s account must be submitted through [email protected]. Requests received by phone, voicemail, in-person, or otherwise cannot be processed.

4. APPOINTMENT CANCELLATION POLICY: We require 24 hours written or verbal notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment without penalty. No shows or cancellations within 24 hours of a reservation will result in an automatic deduction of that membership benefit, or if none are available, a 100% charge for the a la carte appointment cost.

5. MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION: You may cancel your membership at the end of your contract under the following guidelines. Submit a formal cancellation request 7 or more days before the next billing renewal date through [email protected]. Requests received 6 or fewer days before the next billing cycle are subject to a $100.00 termination fee. You may also cancel this contract without penalty within three (3) days from the agreement date by submitting notice through [email protected].

6. RATES AND REFUNDS: Your rate is valid as long as you remain a member of Forbidden Well without canceling your membership. There will be no refunds for processed charges. Credits do not roll over automatically if unused. Under special circumstances, unused credits may transfer from the previous month, not exceeding double the original allotted monthly credits. Only immediate previous month’s credits may roll over to the current month.

7. CLUB OPERATING SCHEDULE: Forbidden Well may modify operating hours and close the club on national holidays, for special events, and up to 15 days per year for maintenance. These modifications do not relieve the member of their payment obligations.

8. MEMBER OBLIGATIONS: Members are not relieved of payment obligations due to non-use of the Club’s facilities. Member dues are for the contract period and not based on usage. Unpaid balances must be cleared before using the Club, and any collection or legal costs incurred by Forbidden Well for fee collection must be paid by the member. Annual dues must be paid by 12:00 midnight on the anniversary date, or Club privileges will be suspended. A $25 charge will be assessed for each rejected check or credit card charge.

9. VALUABLES AND PERSONAL PROPERTY: Members are urged to avoid bringing valuables into the club premises. Forbidden Well is not liable for the loss, theft, or damage to personal property.

10. PRICING: Membership fees may be amended at any time with advance notice. After the first 12 months, Forbidden Well reserves the right to increase the monthly or annual fee with 30 days' notice.

11. REVOCATION OF MEMBERSHIP: Forbidden Well reserves the right to revoke and cancel membership at any time, in which case the Buyer/Member will receive a refund of all monies paid (except initiation fee) within fifteen (15) days.

12. CLUB RULES AND CODE OF CONDUCT: Policies to ensure safety and respectful behavior include:
a. Arrive 15 minutes before the reservation start time.
b. Abide by the 24-hour cancellation policy for all services.
c. Be mindful of personal noise levels to respect fellow guests.
d. Taking photos of other guests or members is prohibited. Only photos of yourself in private spaces are allowed.
e. No professional photography/videography equipment is allowed without prior approval from Club Management.
f. No staff members should be contacted outside of Forbidden Well communication channels regarding member’s personal account information or health recommendations.
g. Handle yourself respectfully and professionally. No inappropriate behavior or language will be tolerated. Violations may result in revoked membership.

13. PRIVACY POLICY: Personal information provided will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

14. WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Members assume full responsibility for their use of the facility and release Forbidden Well from any claims, including those caused by negligence.

By validating the box above for this agreement, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the Forbidden Well Terms and Conditions numbered (1) through (14) above.