Membership Based Social Wellness Club

Building a community of optimization, meeting your social wellness & wimedical needs

At ForbiddenWell we focus on providing you with the means to achieve a state of
sustainable conscience living.


Taking control of your life, about thinking about your decisions rather than making them without thought, about having a life that we want rather than settling for the one that befalls us. To achieve the ultimate harmonious body mind and soul we provide you with state of the art medical treatments and wellness services.

The Unique Membership Model in
House Of Elixir

Our exclusive memberships provide you with state of the art medical services, from Male Hormone Therapy to Executive Provider Visits, blended with a wide array of therapies offered in our wellness lounge. Enjoy an Elixir with others who strive to live a sustainable conscious life.

Our Beautifully Blended Services

  • The services unique to House of Elixir cannot be found anywhere on the globe.
  • Proprietary wellness services administered by highly qualified medical practitioners will heal and rejuvenate our guests. We offer vitamin infusion therapy, anti aging serums, IV drips, booster shots.
  • CBD enhanced exclusive therapies, herbal remedies, therapeutic sonic CBD, Reiki, PEMF, and NuCalm.
  • Come explore how our top tier services will provide you with the care and knowledge to reach your highest potential.

Our Cafe

The lounge is centered around an alchemist elixir coffee bar serving the highest quality organic and privately sourced ingredients. Our in House Elixirs and adaptogenic teas are the perfect cocktails that allow you to socialize in a comfortable environment catered to your physical and mental well-being.

Club Location

  • 52 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003
  • +1 (646) 833-7273
  • info [at] houseofelixir [dot] com